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The Exelixis Collection of Transposon Insertions

Douglas Dimlich, Jennie Laronga and Glenn Doughty

The Exelixis collection consists of approximately 16,000 transgenic strains of Drosophila containing transposon insertions in approximately half of the genes in the genome. As a subset of the transposons used to generate the collection contain GAL4-reponsive UAS elements, this allows for the recovery of both gain- and loss-of-function mutations during a genetic screen if the tissue in which the phenotype being examined coincides with GAL4 expression. The collection was generated by Exelixis Inc. and donated to our laboratory to be distributed to the academic research community. In the six years the collection has been in our care, we have sent in excess of 30,000 stocks to over 1,200 labs worldwide. During this period, we have also used the collection to conduct several screens probing the genetic circuitry of Notch (Kankel et al., 2007; Hori et al., (manuscript in preparation) Kshetrapal et al., (manuscript in preparation)) and the Drosophila Spinal Muscular Atrophy model (Chang et al., 2008). If you have further interest in the collection, please visit our website ( for more details.